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Benchmark Civil Engineering

Hydrological Analysis and Design

BME uses methodologies that are at the forefront of current industry practices and a variety of software to complete hydrological and hydraulic analyses of existing conditions and proposed designs. These assessments include analysis and modeling of surface water drainage networks and drainage basins. In urban settings, this typically includes delineation of local sub-basins, evaluating surface street flows, capacities of various storm sewers (inlets and pipe networks) and the evaluation of detention features. In rural locations, it often involves estimation of floodplains and flood risk for new projects or existing facilities.

Hydrological Analysis and Design Projects

Master Basin Assessments and Master Planning

Master Basin
Assessments and
Master Planning

Hydro FEMA

Floodplain Assessment and Management

Localized Stormwater Management Plan

Localized Stormwater
Management Plan

CCC Ribbon Cutting

Cheyenne Regional
Medical Center
(3) Projects - $60 Million
July 2014
205,750 Sq.Ft.

  • Cheyenne / Laramie County
  • City of Torrington
  • Fort Collins, CO

  • FEMA

  • Residential Development
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Educational Facilities

  • Civic Center Commons
    Detention Pond
  • Board Of Public Utilities 2023 Rehabilitation Plan