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Benchmark Civil Engineering

Planning and Feasibility

BME has a wide experience level with many different types of planning and feasibility studies. BME works with residential and commercial developers to plan for large subdivisions and commercial properties that benefit the developers and the surrounding communities. BME has worked with school districts and developers to propose the best possible locations for new schools and public facilities based on the population density and distance to existing facilities. BME works with municipalities to analyze corridor studies for new road layouts as well as utility master planning for communities throughout Laramie County. In addition to utility master planning, BME provides needs assessments for existing utilities to identify areas that require improvement and maintenance. BME assists in providing assessments that allows municipalities to be able to plan ahead and provide improvements for many years.

Planning and Feasibility Projects

  • North Elementary School
  • Snyder Avenue Reconstruction
  • Walterscheid Boulevard Reconstruction Plan
  • East Dell Range / U.S. 30 Corridor Study
  • Country Road Maintenance
    Plans and Procedures
  • Southwest Drive Corridor Plan
  • Norris Viaduct Reconstruction Plan
  • County Design Standards
  • Kersey, Colorado Streetscaping Design
  • Laramie County Road 142 Design And Development