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Southwest Drive Corridor

Summary of project, objectives & goals

Summary of Project

Project Objectives and Goals

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Summary of Project:

According to current data, Cheyenne is growing at an increased rate, which necessitates that we maintain our infrastructure to meet the increasing needs of the expanding population. Cheyenne is expected to grow at a rate of over 1% per year, taking our current population for the Cheyenne Urbanized population of 79,250 to approximately 110,000 by 2045.

The Southwest Drive corridor has seen a substantial increase in use over the past several years; from large commercial vehicles to pedestrians and bicyclists. Southwest Drive, in its current condition, does not support this increase in use, as can be seen by the condition of the paving, as well as the lack of sidewalks, bike lanes and turn lanes. Additional concerns include unprecedently long waits at the north end railroad crossing at U.S. 30 and a confusing, signaled intersection at the south end of the corridor at College Drive.

The Southwest Drive Corridor Plan will provide an in-depth study of the corridor, stretching from West Lincolnway (U.S. 30) at the north end, to West College Drive (WYO 212) at the south end. This road provides connectivity between a major commercial highway, West Lincolnway, with intersections near Interstate 25. The corridor has rural-feel, residential properties with commercial subdivisions northwest of I-80 and at West College Drive to the south. Anticipated development and growth in Cheyenne, including anticipated development adjacent to Southwest Drive, will increase traffic volumes in the foreseeable future.

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Project Objectives:

Develop a conceptual (35% design level) plan for improvements to Southwest Drive, between West Lincolnway and West College Drive, that meets the anticipated future mobility needs of residents and businesses along the corridor and in the greater Southwest Cheyenne area. Additionally, it is our objective to address traffic flows concerns in relation to the wait times at the railroad crossing at the northern portion of the corridor and the commercial truck traffic at the southern end of the corridor, at West College Drive.


Project Goals:

  • Update to a Minor Arterial between West Lincolnway and College Drive with improvements to intersections of West Lincolnway, North American Road, West 5th Street, Broken Arrow Road, Swan Ranch Road, Lindblom Court, Woodenshoe Drive, and West College Drive.
  • Convert to a Complete Street
  • Create a plan to guide and serve as a template for future development.
  • Involve stakeholders, including the public, in data collection and recommendations.
  • Provide recommendations that are supported by data, proper analysis, and standard practices.
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Contact & Survey:

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Project Team:

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